December 5, 2019

Bluecoats Auditions

Start of Something New

This past weekend I got to attend my first Bluecoats camp which unofficially kicked off the start of a new season with a new organization. To be entirely honest it was a little weird taking photos of a drum corps that isn't the Cadets. The familiar faces I got so used to seeing weren't around but the unfamiliarity definitely let me capture some candid moments better than I could have otherwise. Obviously the familiarity and comfort will come in time but I really love being a part of this organization and I'm very excited for the months ahead. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt at home despite the fact that it was my first day with the corps.

Mike Scott, CEO, addressing the crowd who came to see Sunday's Show & Tell

Three guard vets who noticed me taking a photo of them and decided to pose for the camera

Nick Kneupper, Drum Major, conducting "The Boxer"

Shooting Process

Camps can be pretty difficult to shoot due to everything happening indoors with not the best of lighting. For this audition camp I primarily shot on my Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens which allowed me to work around compact spaces and also shoot in darker spaces such as the auditorium without sacrificing image quality by upping my ISO. I was able to take out my Canon 70-200mm f2.8 a few times throughout the weekend but found that I was getting better shots with the 35. I really love shooting camps but they do get a bit repetitive so it's important to find new ways to be creative. For this audition camp I played around with my editing style and went for somewhat of a film look. I think it works pretty well but I'm excited to refine it a little more before the next camp in January.